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Pick up any business book that talks about successful organizations and you will read somewhere that it is a company's employees that make that company what it is today. Many people would say that this rings true for Microsoft (some would say the opposite) but as I am sat in my office with a beautiful view of the mountains (if you get a chance to come out to our Advanta campus I can recommend it) I can't help but think of some of the great work our customers do in making us successful (yes of course with one of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP products.) 

We have all seen the billboards in airports that so and so runs a certain other type of ERP software (I probably cannot mention the name but you know who I mean) and while we do not really do this (yet) we do have some great customer stories to tell and always have customers on hand for press and analyst coverage.

Take the OnWindows article posted following London Convergence with mention of three successful, midmarket UK-based companies – architectural ironmonger Allgood, Marshalls, a landscaping company and Yuasa Battery a manufacturer of batteries to the automotive industry – all of whom have chosen and successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

 If you haven't done so already take a look at some of our other customer case stories at Direct links to the Allgood and Yuasa Battery case studies can be read below and I have also included some links to some cool customer videos from the hospitality, distribution and entertainment industries. 

Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager

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