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In my first post here on The Edge I touched on a BIG upcoming retail event NRF in New York in January 2010. Some time has passed since then so time to take another quick bite of the Big Apple and give you a heads up on what you can expect from us here at Microsoft Dynamics ERP. As I mentioned before NRF is 'the' place to be for retailers across the globe and once again Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics ERP has a HUGE presence at the event. 

Be sure to visit booth 836 (the Microsoft booth) and get a sneak preview (not yet released) of our new end-to-end retail solution Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail as well as Microsoft Dynamics AX Online and more. You have no excuse for not swinging by for some retail rock 'n' roll as your bus will likely be sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics Retail and the event floor will be peppered with sponsored floor dots (you have been warned we will be everywhere and if you are aksed to pose by one of the sponsored bus chances are I will be behind the camera…again you have been warned.) 

Also make plans to attend the Microsoft Dynamics BIG !dea session on Tuesday, January 12: 1:00pm to 1:30pm, with Dilip Popat, Global Retail Industry Principal and Michael Griffiths, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Retail as we give you more details about our retail vision and our efforts to realize it (some marketing jazz lots of product investment) 

I will be back soon with more on this…..

Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager


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