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What the heck – 4 posts in 24hrs why on Earth not….my posts might not be riveting but you can't fault me for effort in getting going on this blogging lark…

All of my other posts have focused on Dynamics ERP (funny since we are on a Dynamics ERP blog) but often alluded to Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV. So I thought it high time to show some love to my friends in Fargo (the hub of everything Dynamics GP-related) and passionately state that although "I'm a PC" you can bet your bottom dollar "I am GP" (man I am in marketing and that is the best I can do….it is late here in Copenhagen.)

Our friends over at the ERP Software Blog (good work guys) have written about a nice little competitive migration win (yes another one) over Sage BusinessWorks at White Oak Healthcare in Baltimore, Maryland. Check out the post in full here and learn why another midmarket customer made the smart move to Dynamics GP and used the power of choice to find Dynamics ERP.

I'm a GP and blogging has made me crazy 

Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager 


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