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Sanimax is an innovative manufacturer that reclaims animal and meat by-products and renews them into useful high-demand products including agricultural and pet food ingredients, leather and biofuel. With thirty-five locations across the United States and Canada each running different financial systems, Sanimax needed a single ERP system to handle its aggressive growth strategy and rapidly changing business processes. IT evaluated SAP & Oracle but chose Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Watch this 1hr Managing Automation broadcast to hear how Sanimax has gained the ability to do all of the below following its implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP from Gold Certified Partner Fullscope:

  • Support rapidly changing business processes
  • Identify inefficiencies and adjust them for short-term improvements
  • Increase visibility into inventory positions
  • Streamline payment processes
  • Increase user adoption due to the familiar Microsoft interface
  • Simplify customer processes and identify new opportunities
  • Keep its competitive edge


Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager 

P.S.: Enjoy the Infor-sponsored advert before getting to the webcast – not a bad attempt at all 🙂

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