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Greetings everyone from New York!! There's a nice crisp chill in the air to greet us all here in the Big Apple as we gear up for the National Retail Federation's BIG Show. As part of the NRF-orientation process I have just been down to the Javits convention center to amongst other things get registered for the event (I even remembered photo ID this time) but also to check out the EXPO booth and the Microsoft Dynamics ERP pods where our product experts will work their demo magic.

Although I had seen the mock-ups (which looked surprisngly impressive) it was great to see the Microsoft booth in real-life (yes I am a sad loser who is caught up in delusions of Microsoft grandeur!!) Seriously though I really think that anybody visiting the booth will have a great 'experience' when they get to go through the full end-to-end retail experience we have on offer and if they don't like that then they can at least get a copy of our all new thought leadership white paper 'Connected Experience for Retail with Microsoft Dynamics.' You can get a sneak-preview of the paper on one of my previous posts and I will post the full version for you all to read on Monday when the conference has officially kicked-off. 

Stay tuned to The Edge Folks a lot more to come…

Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager


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