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Dilip Popat, Retail Industry Principle and Michael Griffiths, Group Product Manager just finished presenting in a BIG !dea session here at NRF. The session was the first time that we had spoken to customers about our Connected Experiences for Retail with Microsoft Dynamics vision for the retail industry and how we look to deliver on that vision with our Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail solution.

Centered around enabling retailers to become Connected Retailers through a combination of connected people, connected insight and connected customer relationships the session tackled the trends driving change in the retail space, retailer challenges and responses they need to make to not only stay in business but differentiate themselves from the competition.       

Both Dilip and Michael underlined the importance of technology that is simple to use, flexible and able to work together seamlessly in an integrated fashion to provide people, a retailer's most valuable asset, with the tools and systems they need to be more productive. More productive and efficient employees should ultimately translate to employees who can  offer customers better service and provide a more compelling shopping experience. A short demo from Michael showcased the simplicity of the solution and a true end-to-end retail solution from front store to back office. As Michael said "so often our competition has one end and then another end but often a lot of complexity in-between."   

The Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail solution also enables retailers with existing Microsoft assets such as Office, Windows, SQL Server or SharePoint to bring those assets to bear and drive a low total cost of ownership (TCO.)   

The session finished with a list of launch partners already working with us to help take the solution to market across the world and an Xbox for one lucky raffle winner.  

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Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager   

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