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I wanted to quickly take some time to reflect back on NRF and provide a quick wrap-up from the event as we get back to our normal working day lives again (unless you are attending the International Builder's Show that is :)) NRF proved to be a hugely successful event for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and I am sure that we will be back next year with an even bigger bang and an even greater event presence!!

Our BIG !deas session led by our 'retail dream team' Dilip Popat and Michael Griffiths was packed with standing room only (the same cannot be said for the other BIG !dea sessions) and a large number of customers and partners scrambling for some additional talk time with the guys post-session. If I were a gambling man I would bet a few dolllars on a deal or two being swayed during that session as well as a similar, even better, presentation from the Dilip and Michael somewhere at Convergence Atlanta (Dynamics event team you will be hearing from us!!)

Our press release garnered a large number of placements including a placement in the Financial Times and some more stories planned in major retail publications. Down on the EXPO floor we generated a large volume of of request for demos (great job retail dev team on demoing the product sooo well) and the sheer size of the Dynamics area certainly made people who didn't know who we were beforehand ask the question. We also shot two videos at the event which we edited on site – expect to see those released here first on The Edge this week. Such a large event presence at a major industry event was something somewhat new for our business – again if I were a gambling man I would expect to see this happening even more in in 2010 and 2011 likely in manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services and public sector. 

In the meantime check out some of the pictures from the event and make sure you read the following also if you haven't already:


Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager   

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