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Well at Microsoft, quite a lot actually.

This is a big week for the Microsoft Dynamics GP team, with the on-time delivery of a major development milestone – the availability of the public beta of the next GP release.

Passing this milestone, and making beta code available to partners and ISVs, is always a major achievement – signalling the successful culmination of a lot of hard development work, but also a strengthening of the level of confidence in the on-going development timeline. And that is exactly why this milestone is chosen for the adoption of the official product name. So goodbye to Microsoft Dynamics GP "11" – the codename that has been used so far for the this release – and hello to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

This milestone is also a loud call to action for the Microsoft Dynamics GP partner channel to start the serious business of readying their organizations to do their part in bringing the product to an expectant market. Recent readiness activities showed record attendance from GP partners – giving a clear indication of the level of anticipation and excitement surrounding what is seen as one of the biggest and most important GP releases ever. 

And with organizations continuing to wrestle with complexity in a difficult business environment, and facing the dual challenges of reducing operating costs while responding to greater customer needs (not to mention increasing profitability), this anticipation and excitement is not just confined to the channel. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010's focus on strengthening the ability of people and organizations to face these ongoing challenges – so that their businesses can remain competitive and grow – is also driving a lot of positive attention among customers and prospects.

So you can expect to hear much more about what lies behind the name, and why are calling Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 “The new way to do business”, between now and its planned availability in Q2 this calendar year.

In the meantime, keep your eye on the official Microsoft Dynamics GP blog here

Ross Thorpe

Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing

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