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Yes the headline does not lie and yes I have run out of great things to say about NRF 2010. Surprised? Well we have had a presence on wikipedia but previously the information was a little dated and not entirely accurate (it is now) 🙂 Now why is this worth a blog post on the world's most riveting ERP blog ever to have graced the worldwide web I hear you ask?

Well think about it…prospects don't just pick up the phone and call their local AMR or Gartner office to ask them which ERP vendor is best do they? Nor do they have Larry Ellison, Henning Kagermann or our fearless leader Kirill on speed dial (some might but many won't.) So most people will do one of two things….

  • Do an online search (a wikipedia result will likely appear near the top)
  • Go directly to and search there.

You can now find Microsoft Dynamics ERP on Wikipedia, Facebook, LinkedIn (soon on Twitter) and we will continue to build out our online presence in the coming months.  

This will be the first of many more posts to come on online social media – we look forward to bringing you all the news here on The Edge!

Best Regards

Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager      


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