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Those of you familiar with our Connected Experiences for Retail with Microsoft Dynamics (CERMD) message will have noted that we focus on customer-centricity as being central to a retailer’s success in today’s rapidly evolving retail industry. Below is an excerpt from our Thought Leadership White Paper: Connected Experiences for Retail with Microsoft Dynamics:

“Conversant with technology, more impatient, more willing and able to shop around for what they want, socially responsible and more  value-driven, where value embraces the total shopping experience – customers are even more hard to please. Engaging customers around these characteristics, in other words, becoming more customer-centric, offers real growth and profitability opportunities for your business.”

It is with the above in mind that I wanted to highlight a recent Forrester blog post called “Take Stock In Customer Experience Leaders” that references two studies that link customer experience leaders to better business performance. With Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail due for release later this year there is every reason for us to be bullish about delivering on our CERMD vision of ‘connected experiences’ and enabling retailers to be more customer-centric. Retailing is more than cutting cost and margins, streamlining supply-chains and squeezing the competition as hard as you can. To succeed retailers also need to optimize customer-centricity and build it into every facet of their business. Make sure you check out the Thought Leadership White Paper: Connected Experiences for Retail with Microsoft Dynamics as well as our NRF event video

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Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager


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