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It is all over the community site – everybody is picking up on it. I will thank for picking up on it as they so often do. That 'it' is a recent (2010) survey by Panorama Consulting Group that highlights a drop in growth from 35% to 31% for SAP and 28% to 25% by Oracle compared to a 1% rise in growth from 14% to 15% for Microsoft Dynamics.

Panorama concluded that Microsoft Dynamics was gaining in popularity because of its markedly lower pricetag, end-users favored the UI/UX (works like other Microsoft applications), but was still less popular at an executive level as there was a perception that it brought with it a somewhat higher business risk (I guess if we start sponsoring F1 and some trans-atlantic boat races execs might find us more a less risky choice – who said executive leaders were the type to break from the norm :)?!) 

Read the full article from MSDynamicsWorld "Microsoft Dynamics ERP Edging Ahead In The Downturn, Study Says."

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Luke Shave
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