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Regular visitors to the community site will have noticed a marked increase in activity on our Microsoft Dynamics GP blogs of late. There's one reason for that and that's the upcoming launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. The GP team has been hard at work to make this a fantastic launch and hats off to the guys in Fargo (plus a few other peeps dotted across the globe) on the launch creative – very cool!!

This 'very cool' launch creative is the basis for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Portal for Customers and Prospects on Customers and prospects can now access the interactive launch portal to learn more about the upcoming release, watch product videos, register for launch events, and more! There are currently 14 events across the US being promoted and there will soon be an additional 16 additional events to add to the list. On top of that Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners can add their own local events and leverage the launch portal in their own marketing activities. The GP dream team will continue to add to the portal as new launch resources are available.

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Luke Shave
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