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If you are a regular to The Edge and have been reading all of the new wins coming in this past couple of weeks then you might get a feel for why Microsoft Dynamics ERP is outgrowing the comepetition in the world of ERP. What's more this is just the start of it as we leverage our extensive partner network, more and more of these wins are going to be coming in and rest assured we will make sure we communicate them.

Next up on the new win list is Amalie Oil. co. one of the US's largest family-owned oil companies. Founded in 1903 in Franklin, Pa., Amalie Oil Co. produces a full line of automotive, fleet, industrial and specialty lubricants. With a main production facility in Tampa, Fla., and satellite facilities in Jacksonville, Fla., and L.A., the company blends and packages nearly 200 different products shipped to every U.S. state and to more than 70 foreign countries. Microsoft Dynamics AX was chosen to better equip employees with tools that automate and streamline processes while continually fueling business productivity as well as providing a real-time, global view in key areas such as warehouse management.

Read the press release in full or for more information on Blue Horseshoe visit

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Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager

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