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It's funny how oftentimes a specific topic or area is the focus of attention for while or just keeps coming up again and again. As I mentioned in my earlier post a lot seems to be happening with our industry strategy – partners hosting more industry-focused webinars and more new marketing materials focused on industry or verticals being released. This week we have also touched on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner channel a number of times focusing on some interesting collaboration stories, new partner recruits as well as an acqusition. It came as no surprise then when I saw a press release come out from BRAIN FORCE HOLDING AG announcing the acquisition of a 100% stake in INISYS Software Consulting GmbH, another Austrian based partner focused on Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and NAV. 

Great quote below from the BRAIN FORCE CEO to explain the thinking behind the acqusition and reinforce what the numbers are showing about the buoyancy of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP business 

"We want to position ourselves as the smart solutions provider for Microsoft Dynamics solutions, and thus profit from the expected disproportionately high growth in this segment“, says Chief Executive Officer Michael Hofer, commenting on the strategy of BRAIN FORCE." 

You can read the press release in full here. Read also other recent stories from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner channel:

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