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It has been a couple of weeks since I highlighted a nice customer testimonial here on The Edge so figured I should address that with the following story about Blue Sun and their Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. I particularly liked this one as it was from a company that is trying to do something that benefits the environment – read some more below….

A provider of alternative fuels from sustainable resources, Blue Sun has built a strong reputation for product excellence. To manage the company most efficiently in a challenging business climate and to prepare to capitalize on the promise of its Blue Sun Fusion brand following a recovery, Blue Sun implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution provides company managers with the meaningful insight they need to move the business forward. It also facilitates with ease the many types of reporting Blue Sun requires to demonstrate regulatory compliance, drive financial performance, nurture strategic relationships, and maintain high levels of individual and organizational productivity. By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company has added customers and distribution channels without increasing overhead and is poised to realize significantly enhanced growth as the clean-tech market rebounds. 

"With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we’ve become an extremely efficient, lean operation. We know it also has the flexibility to scale to the substantial growth we are preparing for today." – Jerry Washburn, Senior Vice President and CFO, Blue Sun

Read the case study in full here


Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager 

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