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Customer evidence plays a key role not just in our marketing success but also in our overall business success. There is no better way of marketing a product than word-of-mouth and capturing a customer's story through a customer evidence video is just one way in which you can drive word-of-mouth (especially if the video is posted online and a bunch of different people watch it hint hint :)) Below are a couple of new videos (1x AX/CRM and 1x AX) counrtesy of Microsoft Sweden (tack så mycket) and leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner Avanade.

Video 1 -> Microsoft Sweden Brings us BRIO

BRIO’s history began in 1884 with basket maker Ivar Bengtsson. Today BRIO is a global corporation, holding the brands BRIO, Alga, Simo and Carena and a number of business divisions including  BRIO Toy and BRIO Baby. BRIO Toy is a toy distributor for the North European markets and consists of amongst others, Scanditoy. Products are bought from suppliers and distributed through specialist retailers to consumers. In house product development is run through the brands BRIO and Alga which is part of this division. BRIO Baby develops, produces and markets prams and push chairs, pram and push chair accessories, car seats and child furniture.

Through the joint use of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM BRIO has quick and easy access to information providing them with key insight into their business across a number of business functions saving them both time and money. 

View the BRIO Video

Video 2 -> Avanade and ShoreMaster

Headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, ShoreMaster offers a range of boat lifts, lift accessories, docks, and dock accessories, and water toys, such as swim rafts, inflatable slides, and hydro bikes. ShoreMaster has a complex business model that includes different products, locations, and manufacturing facilities. Its original enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution lacked the flexibility to map to these operations, resulting in a fragmented picture of global financial health and a poor understanding of inventory, supplier goods, and customer orders.

ShoreMaster engaged with Avanade to achieve this complex ERP migration in time. After considering SAP and Oracle solutions, ShoreMaster chose Microsoft Dynamics AX and in just seven months, Avanade and ShoreMaster configured, tested, and deployed 25 different Microsoft Dynamics AX modules.

View the Shoremaster Video and Case Study

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