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Before I head off for an extended Easter vacation (it sounds glamorous but it will be 4 days of nappy changing and bottle sterlization as my wife makes the most of me being home again) I wanted to make all of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner aware of the distinction in marketing partner award.

Microsoft will recognize up to five partner marketing campaigns that focus on Microsoft Dynamics business solutions as part of the 2010 Distinction in Marketing Partner Award. Partners awarded with this recognition will receive the following benefits in acknowledgment of their outstanding marketing results:

  • 1 Year Paid Access Hoovers Subscription for Up to 5 Users. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $3,000 USD
  • 2 Convergence 2011 Passes for a prospect or customer.  Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $2,590 USD
  • Award Plaque: Winning partners will receive an award plaque to display at your organization that will commemorate your achievement
  • Peer Recognition: Winning submissions will be featured in a dedicated Marketing Community Web Seminar

Read more about the awards including the submission criteria and guidelines on PartnerSource.

Happy Easter

Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager   

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