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Another great webcast for manufacturers to attend and packed with first-hand customer input. Join the CFO of Maple Lodge Farms, an Ontario-based food processor, and the president of  Adfast, a Quebec-based manufacturer with chemical and fabricated metal products, as they discuss efficiently managing projects, having easy access to data, handling regulatory issues, addressing industry-required functionality and providing flexible production planning with their enteprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Ïn this session you can learn the following:

  • Why industry-specific functionality is critical for operational improvements
  • How a common technology platform can help ease employee adoption and help lower total cost of ownership
  • Why ERP solutions must be flexible to incorporate changes to business process without requiring a DBA
  • How upgrading from an older, or more expensive to maintain, ERP solution is easier than expected and well worth the effort

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Luke Shave
ERP Industry Marketing Manager   

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