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If you enjoyed the “Windows 7 demos in 7 seconds” series – which I must admit I did – you should check out “Ten Behind Office 10”, the new series of articles produced by the Office and SharePoint teams focusing on 10 developer profiles behind key capabilities in the 2010 releases.

The first two in the series of articles focus on areas that we have already profiled a couple of times on the Edge. Firstly, the Outlook Social Connector for Outlook 2010 that allows you to bring your business and social networking together in the place you spend most of your working day – your Inbox. The second article, published just yesterday, covers the Sparklines feature in Excel 2010 that lets users transform large amounts of data into small, at-a-glance displays that fit into a single cell.

Although not quite as easy to fit into your busy work schedule as the 7 second Windows demos, the articles are still quick and informative, and enough to give you a taste of how the newest release of Microsoft’s Business Productivity infrastructure, together with your Dynamics ERP solution, can help drive productivity, collaboration and insight across your organization.

And if the leisurely pace of these articles leaves you laid back and relaxed, you could even invest a whole 2 minutes on watching more detailed videos of these, and many more advances in the new releases on Microsoft Showcase.

OK, 2 minutes may feel like watching Ben Hur in comparison to the 7 second demos, but go on…even a Dynamic Business needs to kick back and relax sometimes.

Ross Thorpe
Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing

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