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Love this story and a great way to kick-off week 17 in style – there will be more of this this week on The Edge I can feel it….

The Not for Profit Solution Center, a network of Microsoft Dynamics partners, today announced that acceptance for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions has been growing rapidly in the Not for Profit (NFP), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), membership and association markets. The NFP Solution Center will be holding two customer summits, called NGO Connection Days, for its Not for Profit Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM customers on April 21 in Washington DC and May 25 in Manhattan. Both events will be held at Microsoft offices in those cities.

Read the article below to check out examples of how the Not for Profit Solution Center is helping business through the use of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Read the article in full here

Luke Shave
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