Great Interview with our own Crispin Read in Managing Automation Magazine on the future of ERP

Several months ago Crispin Read, our GM for the Dynamics ERP business, was interviewed by Jeff Moad of Managing Automation Magazine.  The article has just been published here, and while there are several companies profiled in the article, it's Crispin that really sets the tone for where the market is heading for Dynamics ERP and the benefit to our customers of this future investment–in everything from role-tailored user interfaces, to gesture sensors, integrated communications.

In the article, Moad notes "Taken as a whole, thee innovations have the potential to increase the value of enterprise applications to manufacturing organizations while reversing the widespread sense among customers that enterprise application software vendors haven't been doing enough to drive their products forward."

Judging by the innovation on the way from Microsoft Dynamics, we're doing our part to change that perception, and our customers will be the beneficiaries.  Take a read (no pun intended, Crispin) and see for yourself!