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As we all know, you can’t turn around without hearing about “the cloud,” and it’s coming benefits.  And it’s certainly something we’re excited about here at Microsoft Dynamics, as we showcase the power of the Microsoft Azure platform, Dynamics CRM Online, and our own cloud and online services.

Our partner hosting capabilities for ERP in the cloud is one of the fastest growing parts of our business these days.  And although we here on The Edge do not like to endorse any one partner over another, we couldn’t help but admire and be glued to the journey of one Doug Pitcher, who is going online with Dynamcs GP through one of our great partners, myGPcloud.  myGP cloud has had a phenominal past 6 months with their Dynamics GP cloud offering.

And while a lot of the marketing you see out there makes it seem like you just use a 5 step wizard and POOF! you’re on the cloud, we all know the reality is a bit more detailed.  Doug’s journey is a very realistic view as to how you can get it done, with the highlights and the pitfalls and challenges, all out there for you to see.  It’s unvarnished and straightforward, and if you’re considering a move to off-premise ERP, worth your time to follow along their journey!

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