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If you look closely at any successful company you will find productivity is the engine fueling growth. When business leaders think about improving the effectiveness of their people, they look to remove barriers that constrain knowledge sharing and empower confident decision making. In order to do this, organizations need technology solutions that are cost-effective, and deliver the latest innovations.

That’s why I am so excited about today’s announcement.  Because I know that Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners will benefit from business productivity gains realized through the powerful combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365. This all-in-one cloud service will enable companies of all types easy access to familiar solutions that are complementary–designed and built to work together. The result is that our customers and partners realize true impact with a solution that delivers great value, increased efficiency in the work they do and more effective collaboration between workers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers will be able to easily extend the power of Microsoft cloud services to include the essential Office applications they use everyday, alongside Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync – enabling new ways to increase productivity via cloud applications. For our Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners this means they will be able to offer customers comprehensive, cloud-based solutions that are reliable, scalable and adaptable to meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes. In fact, partners today are already seeing the benefits of a combined solution.

For example, CoreMotives has developed business-to-business marketing automation and lead generation software that runs on Microsoft Azure and is integrated with the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Having an integrated cloud application has empowered them to realize considerable productivity gains. Rhett Thompson, cofounder of CoreMotives, said it best when he remarked, “the applications just work–there are no headaches and people are far more efficient.” 

I encourage you to find out more by visiting Beta starts at noon today at —let’s get started!

Michael Park
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Business Solutions

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