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Today you’ll be seeing a new advertising campaign under the banner of “Don’t Get Forced. Get What Fits.” When customers who switched from told us they got forced into making concessions that they simply didn’t have to when they moved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, we thought it was time we let people know. 

The ads call attention to what Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers are finding out: there is more than one game in town and you no longer need to be forced into making choices that don’t fit your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is simple to implement, to use, and to understand. Simply said – it works the way you WANT to work. And it works within Microsoft Outlook which means it fits into your daily work style with a smooth, seamless experience. This integration is a key reason why customers such as Data Reduction Systems have switched from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, helping to drive a 100 percent user adoption rate across the company.

Other reasons why customers are choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM are because it’s easy to use and fits with what they have. For example, Taylor/IGH switched from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM because they found expensive, difficult to use and inflexible to their needs. Not only were they able to save money the first year by switching, they were able to easily use the product and integrate it into their current systems. 

Century Payments switched from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and is saving nearly $13,000 each month, $150,000 in annual savings. The switch took just two weeks and they since have been able to triple the number of sales agents, from 50 to 160, in six months. In addition to using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for lead management, they found it so flexible they’re now using it to support other business needs. 

You’ll see many more examples over the next several months. We’re excited to get the word out, at In the meantime, you can find more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM at and Be sure to check it out.

Marie Huwe
General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Microsoft Corp.

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