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It’s hard to imagine a market that is more fickle and unpredictable than the world of high-fashion. New trends appear quickly and vanish even faster, last month’s collection is suddenly “So last year…”, and the “New black” could be almost anything (apart from black, obviously). Now imagine running a business that caters to this market, and can only be successful by remaining one step ahead of the fashionistas. That takes a dynamic organization that is both energetic and forward-looking, and business solutions that need to do more than just keep up.

Here’s a great story of a dynamic business that is pulling ahead as others fall behind, by staying current on both its ERP solution and its enhancement plan.

With headquarters in Denmark, and operations in 8 countries, Bruuns Bazaar is one of Europe’s leading fashion brands. At the heart of their business, they run a Microsoft Dynamics NAV fashion solution that is built specifically to meet the needs of this notoriously competitive industry. Using a standardized solution that is more “Made to Measure” than “Off the Peg” means fewer customizations, and easier upgrades. So Bruuns Bazaar have been able to leverage the value of their enhancement plan to make sure that their business infrastructure is current and compliant by taking full advantage of available hot fixes, legislative updates and new product releases as they became available.

But staying current on their enhancement plan has delivered value to the people at Bruuns Bazaar as well. Employees have easy access to a wealth of time- and money-saving resources through the CustomerSource online portal. For example, role-based e-learning plans and resources help staff get up to speed fast, and then stay up to date, and access to community sites and resources allow employees to trade information, ideas and opinions with the broader Microsoft Dynamics community. And with the Connect gadget, users don’t even have to leave their Role Center to access valuable, personalized CustomerSource resources, news and support.

Well-informed, connected employees and the ease-of-use enabled by role-based access to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 solution means that everyone in the business, from back-room logistics and finance employees to production, sales and even design staff, are actively using the solution. And that enables Bruuns Bazaar to get an impressive 16 fashion collections a year out of the door and onto the world’s cat walks.

With role-based tools and seamless processes enabling efficiencies and driving productivity gains in their business today, Bruuns Bazaar are already looking to the future. Their next move to stay “One cut above” the rest of the industry is already planned: Leveraging the CRM connectivity enabled in the coming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 release, and taking advantage of the next level of innovation through integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Let’s face it, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, coupled with our flexible enhancement plan options, are never going to be the new black, but while they continue to enable this kind of competitive advantage, they will certainly never go out of style.

See the full video, and read more about the value of staying current on your ERP solution and on your enhancement plan.

Ross Thorpe

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Product Marketing

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