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With all the focus (and rightly so!) these days around the company on the great consumer launches of Kinect and Windows Phone 7, those groups are only a part of the story of the momentum around the company.
At our recent analyst summit in November, we had a chance to share our ERP strategy with our top global influencers and analyst firms.  Detailing our product level plans, solution strategy, cloud story, and many other topics, it was a great chance to review where we see the market going and where we see our largest opportunity.
But rather than having me ramble on about what our takeaways were, I’ll let Denis Pombriant from the Beagle Research Group, give you his impressions.  He hits on some of the key trends where we really see momentum around Dynamics ERP these days:  companies ready to overhaul their applications; companies who are seeing that a “one size fits all” ERP strategy is not driving competitive advantage; and companies who need a low cost, low customization “out of the box” to keep their business growing.
Great event, great feedback, and still coming in—some great reviews.

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