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When it comes to evaluating CRM systems, customers have told us they are looking to get the most value from their technology investment and the best fit for their business. What they want are solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, scalable, easy-to use, and support integration with existing technologies. Simply said, companies of all sizes want their technology investment to drive their business forward and increase the productivity of their people.

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online delivers that value.

 Our goal is to ensure customers are well-versed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and have all the facts to make an informed decision as they select their solution. Today, I've issued an "Open Letter" that highlights the benefits customers are experiencing by switching to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from

 With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, customers have a solid solution in place that will help them build stronger relationships with their customers, improve productivity, provide deeper business insight and give them the most value for their investment. I am confident that after evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you will find it is the right choice for your business success.

 If you are a customer attending Dreamforce or are exploring your options, I encourage you to think about the proposed questions in the Open Letter, check out our latest offer "Cloud CRM for Less" and explore what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your business. 

Michael Park
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions
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