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Convergence Atlanta concludes today after four full days of connecting with the greater Microsoft Dynamics SL Community and discovering more about the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics SL. Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 raises the bar for productivity, performance, and growth with the familiar user experience, operations and insight that deliver results customers want, and new ways for project-driven organizations to adapt—and thrive—in a connected world.
If you couldn’t attend Convergence, don’t miss the upcoming opportunity to attend a Microsoft Dynamics SL launch event. You can learn more about Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and find a launch event near you at
For those of you here at Convergence, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend our annual customer event. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! As promised here are the remaining five of the top 10 reasons customers and partners are excited about Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011:

6.       Move projects forward with 24/7 web access

Empower managers and team members working from remote locations with convenient, web-based access at any time. With the Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL, customers can complete virtually any project-related task—from setting up projects and assigning resources to creating budgets, approving documents, and more—all via the web. Enhanced timecard features make it easier for employees to record detailed hours information, including notes and time for subtasks. You can also work quickly with summarized line-item approvals—and new automated approval delegation—that speed the approval process for time, expense, invoices, and budgets when key managers are away.

7.       Enhance connectivity for projects, purchasing, inventory, and order processing

Capture time and expenses sooner with automated project creation that begins as soon as you create a sales order. When you place a purchase order, inventory can be allocated to a specific project. When additional inventory items are needed, customers can search company-wide and export the results to Excel. Available stock can be reallocated so that you can avoid accumulating redundant inventory. New billing options in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 can also improve customer satisfaction with consolidated project billing that includes shipped material, labor, and expenses on a single invoice and includes only consumed items.

8.       Manage today’s changing business needs with greater

Stay organized by using a standard method for common cost allocations, and creating a secondary method for billing. Customers can also protect cash flow and margins by separating costs and billing—and collect costs while they are still negotiating billing terms. In addition, administrators can monitor and correct entries using a security-enhanced audit tool. Keep up with U.S. government contractor needs and regulations by allocating labor and item costs based on a period or date range; and access job summaries and backing reports designed for government contractor jobs.

9.       Align project management with accounting using Microsoft Project Server 2010

Connect processes and financials with two-way data integration between Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and Microsoft Project Server 2010—and maintain projects from either solution. Balance priorities with access to comprehensive, up-to-date records for shared resources; improve budgets with the ability to view prior performance including time-phased labor by resource; monitor labor and expense by resource assignments; and track tasks and subtasks with ease.

10.       Extend connections with web services and Microsoft technology innovations

Take advantage of a new web services architecture that leads to better performance and efficient integrations for a host of applications and platforms—including systems you already own and those you adopt in the future. With web services, you can connect in-house systems, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, directly to customer and project data. You can also use Windows Communication Foundation to host web services without investing in additional servers, and make the most of Microsoft SQL Server® and Microsoft Windows®, SharePoint, and Project Server technologies.
Thanks again for attending Convergence 2011 and we hope you can join us again next year.

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