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As strange as the title of this post might sound (yes it is also a cunning search-engine optimized ploy to drive more than the usual 1000 people to read this post during the first 24 hours) there is an element of truth to it. I mean I work for Microsoft and have done so for close to six years now so you could kind of argue that I am in the kitchen and know what is cooking so to speak. But what about the rest of you? Get a wiff of something here and there maybe?! Well I hope by now that you have all had the chance to at least think about what the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 represents in terms of a generation shift in ERP: Powerfully Simple ERP – Powerful yes but simple too?! Who would have ever thought that the words ERP and Simple would be used in the same sentence? Maybe the same company that brought the first controller-less games console to world (which is the fastest selling electronic device in history btw. and was demoed in a mfg. shop floor environment integrated w/ Dynamics AX I saw today.) Powerfully simple eh?! Still don't believe me then have a taste for yourself at the virtual launch event on September 8th – I guess the proof is in the pudding to continue my food theme.

But surely there is more to the menu to whet the appetite than a mere virtual launch that proclaims to offer Powerfully simple ERP? Well today, at our annual partner conference in LA, new Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart Services were announced. The RapidStart services will help partners quickly configure and set up consistent and repeatable steps common across the life cycle of an ERP deployment, reducing the initial implementation time so they can focus on delivering profitable value-added services. Built on the Windows Azure platform, the extensible service will be available in September for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Also from the event came the announcement around how Microsoft Dynamics Partners Fuel Business Growth by Embracing Change with a particular focus on driving vertical focus and embracing the cloud. 

Still hungry for more? Watch out for news of some new customer and partner videos released this week as well as more announcements from Worldwide partner conference that we will communictae over TwitterFacebook and YouTube later this week.

From the City of Angels…. 

Luke Shave
Sr. Industry Marketing Manager

P.S.: Wante to share my favorite tweet of the day as a shout out to all of the partners at WPC with us this week. "Always awe-inspiring to meet so many people counting on us to deliver. #wpc11 is like 15,000 cans of Red Bull! #msdynerp"

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