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Why go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM over Wanting to increase the effectiveness of its sales organization, Examination Management Services Inc. (EMSI), a leading provider of risk management and investigation services to insurers, employers, and healthcare firms, had run into the limitations of its aging Sage ACT! system. Specific pains included the system's ease of use, more specifically its lack thereof, as well as issues in synchronizing data, just to name a few.

Searching for a suitable solution, EMSI compared Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Siebel CRM from Oracle, the latest version of Sage ACT!, and After researching each solution, the company chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Explains Jane Severson Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at EMSI, "We didn't feel the expense to implement a solution from Oracle was justified when we had our own in-house IT expertise that could manage those tasks. In addition, the subscription costs for the online Oracle software were nearly double those for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online."

Severson Kelly also notes that, when it came to, EMSI wanted to have the option to host the solution on-premises in the future-something that was simply not possible with This proved to be the right decision. Following the success of the company's insurance services group with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, the company then moved to the on-premises version when another major group joined the solution a year later.

Reflecting on the benefits of the solution, Brian Barnes, Regional Sales Director for EMSI, enthuses, "Microsoft Dynamics CRM has taken my sales prospecting to the next level. The quickly accessible sections, easily assembled campaigns, and user-friendly functionality have helped me close more prospects than ever before."

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