Publisher Gains Insight into Sales, Increases Revenue by Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

When ViaTech Publishing Solutions Inc. wanted to get away from multiple, disparate systems used to support its sales operations, and after evaluating other solutions such as, the company chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Mike Palma, the company's Chief Information Officer, explains, "As part of our company strategy, we look at opportunities to outsource tasks that are not in our core competency, much in the same way that our customers come to us to fulfill certain aspects of their publishing needs," says Palma. "Going with a customer relationship management solution that was available as a service fit that strategy perfectly, enabling us to avoid the need to manage the implementation, buy hardware, and support it. And most importantly, it enabled us to focus on our core business and make us more agile."

Getting up and running on the solution in only 90 days, the company's next challenge was adoption-a challenge that was minimal. Says Palma, "Because of the ease of implementing in the cloud and our ability to use the Outlook interface, which we preferred, we were able to get the adoption we needed faster than we could have done with any other system." And since going live with the solution, the benefits went well beyond just adoption. In fact, the company has impressively managed to convert 30 percent more leads to customers, sped access to customer information by 50 percent, and shortened the sales cycle by 40 percent.

Reflecting on the engagement, Michael Bertuch, Chief Executive Officer of ViaTech, says, "We have full visibility into sales and can ensure that, as we go through the sales cycle, we are collaboratively acting to close business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online supports our need for clarity into the sales process and frees us to deliver innovative publishing solutions and maintain our competitive edge."

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