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Faced with growing numbers of consumer complaints in the wake of the global financial crisis, the California Department of Financial Institutions needed a solution that would automate manual processes and improve case tracking and record keeping. But their severely limited IT budget didn't allow for the costs associated with developing and deploying a custom application. "We needed a quick fix," explains Louise Amegin, Performance Chief at the California DFI. "Our goal was to become more efficient, automate more processes, and operate more cost-effectively. But as a small department, we lack significant resources and funding, and I wanted to avoid a protracted implementation or development process."

The department elected to implement a hosted solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Public Records Tracker, an electronic records request management and tracking system from Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Eskel-Porter. The solution automates many previously manual processes, provides a centralized repository for all records, and includes a public-facing web portal that automates communications among the department, consumers, and licensees. Since deploying the cloud-based solution, the DFI has improved response times by 66 percent while dealing with nearly three times the volume of complaints. "We've streamlined our processes and become a much more productive organization," says Amegin. "Staff members are very confident that they're able to complete their work more efficiently."

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