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CH2M Hill, a global provider of infrastructures, facilities, and related services, rolls out a new help desk solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 23,000 employees worldwide, replacing a highly customized legacy system. During the process, the company added thousands of employees, but did not have to add help desk staff. “With the same team of close to 300 support specialists, we help thousands more customers,” states Diane Sharrock, Director of IT. “On average, help-desk analysts handle 15 percent more support tickets than they did in the past.” What’s more, technology-related expenses have also gone down. “Although the implementation cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is comparable to that of other solutions, the ongoing costs are 80 percent less than the competitors’,” says Sharrock.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CH2M Hill is successfully changing the ratio between self-service and telephone support requests. Says Sharrock, “The new help-desk solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM will let us resolve 75 percent of all support inquiries in self-service style and the remainder over the phone, which is the exact opposite of what service management used to look like.”

CH2M Hill completed the implementation with the help of Microsoft Services and Microsoft partner and Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist “ already had created more than 80 percent of the functionality we looked for in a help-desk solution above what Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered,” explains Sharrock. For CH2M Hill, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was already a well-known product that close to 1,000 sales professionals at the company used. “We liked that the user interface in Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided a familiar experience to employees, and we had already proven that a single instance of the solution could well support a global organization,” says Sharrock.

CH2M Hill continues to explore what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help the company accomplish. “Incorporating standard operating procedures and process documentation from a variety of business groups in the same system, we are still discovering new efficiencies for the support systems at CH2M Hill,” says Sharrock. “Even beyond the important help-desk capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful change management tool for us.”

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