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Coinciding with recent expansion, company leaders at Centene Corporation wanted to drive operational efficiencies and achieve new levels of business insight through IT. To do so, the company replaced its legacy call center solution-used primarily for call documentation-with the more robust and flexible Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 Glen Schuster, CTO of Centene Corporation, says, "We were very impressed by the robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its ability to grow with us. We could implement the solution rapidly at a single call center, tailor it to meet our needs, and then roll it out across the company. With functionally comparable competing solutions, the planning and initial implementation would have been a massive upfront undertaking, requiring us to implement a complex infrastructure such as those from other market-leading systems and then incur the associated resource needs and cost of such solutions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on the other hand, provided a rapid time-to-value, thus lowering overall cost and risk."

 With the new solution in place, the company can support all member and provider service activities while collecting data related to those activities in a single database, helping to manage customer expectations and proactive outreach, thus improving overall customer service. In addition, the company has improved productivity in expansion call centers by 10 percent, reduced training time by 30 percent, become more agile, and gained business insight into the distinct needs of its customers.

 Says Jennifer Weigand, Vice President of Member and Provider Solutions for Centene Corporation, "Switching to Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been enlightening. Now that we have a central source of service center information, we can gain insight into emerging marketing trends and customer expectations. We now have the ability to expand our customer view to include inbound inquires, outbound education, care gaps, outreach, and field visits. And better yet, all our teams can see, through a single solution, all the points of contact that a customer has made with us so that we can be more effective and streamlined at meeting their needs."

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