Tribal Government Adopts Dynamics CRM to Accelerate Member Services

For the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, serving 200,000 members worldwide became increasingly difficult because its proprietary membership management software was inadequate. Members experienced long wait times, and for IT, making even simple customizations to the software typically required consultants, and therefore became cost-prohibitive. The tribe faced these issues:

  • Slow service. Members experienced delays and long wait times.
  • Delayed decisions. Melissa Jones, Director of the Tribal Membership Department at Choctaw Nation, says, "Extremely lengthy processing times tended to slow down everything, including decisions."
  • Legacy software that was difficult to manage and use. Says Dustin Stark, IT Director at the Choctaw Nation, "We needed a solution that would be more adaptable, enabling our internal staff to make minor modifications."

 To gain a holistic view of members, services, and needs, the Choctaw Nation deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises. Members receive faster service, and the tribe's care agents, IT staff, and elected leaders benefit from a solution that is easy to use, tailor, and manage independently of third parties. "With minimal time investment, our own staff can configure and tailor the solution to fit our needs," notes Stark. "In fact, we gain a lot of independence and flexibility with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If we eventually need support, we aren't locked into a single provider." Now, the Choctaw Nation looks to the future, equipped to serve its members and fulfill its mission of helping them succeed. "The user screens have such a clean, user-friendly appearance that everyone quickly learned their way through the application," says Jones.

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