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Business applications, as I see them, are a critical component of business success. Throughout my 20+ years in the industry I’ve worked with countless customers of all sizes around the globe that would absolutely agree that their core business infrastructure is essential to their long-term viability. Yes, talented, dedicated people are critical. And, yes, great products and sound processes are crucial. Competitiveness, focus, and quality sure help, too! And so goes the list of basic ingredients  for a successful business (let’s not forget the ability to survive through tough times). But I am firmly in the camp that cutting-edge business applications are an absolute necessity, not just nice-to-have ingredient, but something you can bet your future on.

There are some basic facts about the CRM market that I hold fast. First, it is an active market that is flourishing. Businesses of all sizes and with requirements that range from mild to extraordinary are investing in CRM at a very rapid pace. The competition is strong (and some might say “noisy”). The capabilities in Sales Force Automation, Customer Care and so forth that businesses demand are asking all CRM providers to create products and provide services that must be increasingly robust every day. This is a beautiful signal to me. It tells me CRM is undeniably at the “bet your business” level of investment for success. And at the risk of already sounding like a company man I believe that bet is best made with Microsoft. The broad range of capabilities that Microsoft brings to the game to enable our customers to connect in meaningful ways with their customers is unmatched. And it is now my job …to ensure you can clearly arrive at your own conclusion that Microsoft is the obvious choice for your business needs. I already have.

Frankly, I have always respected Microsoft’s business. As a competitor they were consistently tough. As a partner they were disciplined and professional – and marvelously committed for the long haul to their products and customers. When Microsoft called and asked if I would be interested in helping drive a very important solution into a global market, they had my attention. But once I had the opportunity to sit down with the leaders of the team and talk through where the Microsoft Dynamics business had come from, where they intend to go and what the vision is that fuels that drive I was absolutely IN! The sheer magnitude of everything Microsoft has to offer for the CRM customer is awe inspiring!

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the great work that came ahead of me. The Dynamics team and the Microsoft people and Partners around the world that work with our customers have created an enormous amount of success to-date. I marvel at what I have learned about what the combination of our technology, capabilities and community have done for business around the world. My hat is off to all those that have contributed to this legacy.

Thus begins our journey together! I have a lot of ideas to share and I look forward to our future dialog. And I am intensely interested in your feedback. Criticism is just as welcome as good ideas.

Yours in a great business bet,

Dennis Michalis

GM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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