ERP on Your Terms: The right solution supports your growth now and into the future.

Finding the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your company requires you to conduct a thorough investigation, collecting and analyzing a broad range of facts, opinions, and product claims. During the past several weeks, we've published a blog series to help you through this process. Each week, we've identified one question your investigation should answer. Last week, for example, we encouraged you to ask each vendor about their customer churn rate and post-sale support programs. You can find that post here, and catch up on the overall discussion our series has stimulated via Twitter at #ERPONYOURTERMS. This week, we look at one of the most fundamental questions you need to answer:

Will the ERP solution help drive and support our growth aspirations?  

You're in the market for new business software because your current solution is no longer able to keep up with your requirements. It does the basic job, but not efficiently or cost-effectively. It's creating roadblocks to growth: slow performance, for example, or transaction limitations, or disconnected data that requires reentry. It hinders your ability to make sound business decisions, which can be enough to keep you up at night. And it doesn't accommodate new lines of business easily, so it limits your potential for growth. A new ERP solution-the right one for your business-can help grow your business in three important ways:

  • Adapting to your changing requirements. Does your growth plan include starting up or acquiring new operations? You'll want an ERP that can be quickly and easily extended to include them so that you maintain an end-to-end view of your business as it grows. How about international expansion? Choose an ERP solution that supports multiple languages and currencies out-of-the-box. Will growth lead you to deploy new line-of-business applications created by third-party developers? The right ERP solution will support easy integration.
  • Saving money. Powerful ERP capabilities can help you streamline business processes and improve productivity across your business. Reduce inventory levels and days sales outstanding, for example. Cut down on manual data entry and increase inventory turns. Do more with less: take on increased business without comparable increases in payroll. Actions like these improve cash flow, freeing up cash to fund growth.
  • Helping you focus on the business of your business. The right ERP will require less attention from your IT people, freeing them up for projects that drive growth. Managers across your company, wherever they're located, can have convenient, 24/7 access to accurate, consistent, timely information to support the collaboration and decision-making that drive growth.

Why Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

It's easy to appreciate the potential benefits of a new ERP solution, but switching can also raise concerns about complexity and disruption, especially when your daily business reality is already challenging. Microsoft offers a solution that is simple to learn and use, and that gives you the flexibility to deploy in the way that works best for you-whether that's on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two approaches. Agile Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can grow with your business, adapting to meet your changing needs.

Getting Microsoft Dynamics ERP in place is easier and less expensive than you think. In fact, many customers have made the switch for roughly the same cost as upgrading to the next version of the software they currently own. It's compatible with other Microsoft technology you have now, so it helps you get more long-term value from these IT investments, too, and helps you avoid costly replacements down the road. It also can free up your business managers and IT team to focus on driving growth.

Lastly, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are delivered through and supported by a world-class network of partners who can provide deep industry expertise and technical knowledge specific to your business. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, your business management solution will support your growth aspirations-and help you turn your business vision into reality.

Customer Stories

Companies in all kinds of industries are realizing the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and taking advantage of its capabilities to grow their businesses. Take a moment to learn about three real-life examples.

Bradshaw Group: Printer Parts Distributor Increases Cash Flow and Margins with ERP Solution

Primo Water Corporation: Water Distribution Start-up Uses Microsoft Dynamics to Manage Growth and Drive Business Value

Dutch Farms: Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Distributor Enhances Operations with Flexible ERP Solution

 Next week, we'll bring our blog series to a close by consolidating all ten questions we've identified for you to answer on your journey to choosing the ERP solution that's right for your business. You can learn more about Microsoft Dynamics ERP anytime at and register today for the upcoming webcast: Outgrowing Your Entry-Level Accounting Solution? Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help.

Jen Dorsey