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When Saab divested from General Motors (GM) in 2010, it needed to go live with a new call center and call center solution in only 30 days. "As a part of our divesture, we were switching to Microsoft Outlook from Lotus Notes," says Craig Whaley, CIO of Saab North America. "In addition, we relied heavily on Microsoft Office applications. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online worked with and like those applications, we felt it would help us dramatically reduce training and meet our aggressive go-live date."

 Successfully going live in only 30 days, Saab North America now reaps the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and eyes a future full of possibilities. Says Whaley, "Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provided a lot of functionality out-of-the-box, which helped us go live quickly, it is also extremely flexible," says Whaley. "We can decide how we want it to work and then make a change in the system to support that. Because of this, we are highly confident the solution will continue to support our needs as our company continues to change."

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