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Over the last few months I have spent a lot of time  meeting with customers, partners and industry leaders around the world on the current trends effecting businesses. The discussions have been fascinating! An interesting theme emerged around technology. The most common questions put to me were what are the innovations other customers are asking for? How are they embracing the rapid change of technology? And how can we leverage technology and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a vehicle to drive a truly dynamic business to thrive in a hyper competitive environment? Heavy questions!  I’ll get to my answers in a moment.

In my last blog post I discussed the innovations going on in the CRM space and the fact that CRM is a big bet for Microsoft. Our “CRM economy”, if you will, is a deep and vast network. It is big business. Couple that with our strategic “more innovation available more frequently” agenda which we announced last November along with all the work we are doing to synergize Microsoft technologies and bring them home to the CRM customer. Put that all together and you still only begin to scratch the surface of how much we are bringing to the table to change the industry. We will deliver more. Why? Because like you, we are relentless in our drive to outpace the competition.

So on to those answers I promised. We want to be revolutionary, not evolutionary. …and the market is moving fast. Our customers are tackling CRM initiatives like never before. They can’t afford to be casual. They are serious. They don’t flinch. They are absolutely convinced that together with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM innovation agenda and pace of delivery, they can be a dynamic business. The most successful customers are innovating with mobility, using every kind of device they can deploy CRM functionality on, and they are going deeper with Microsoft Dynamics CRM flexibility for their specific needs than ever before.

Six months ago we announced our Social Productivity and Enterprise Cloud capabilities release. It was a great success and it was a good part of the answer to those questions I mention above. But we’re not standing still. We have no rear-view mirror. I am thrilled to announce the next wave in our continuing cycles of rapid innovation in helping provide those answers: the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Anywhere release is coming in Q2 2012. With this release we are enabling you to be pervasively connected to your most valuable asset-your customer. We are providing more flexibility in mobility than any other CRM provider. Period. CRM where you want to consume it on the device you use.

Who doesn’t love to get ahead of their competition in a big way? You do. And we just did in many ways!! And that’s really only the beginning of what this release will offer.  There’s much more to discover including cross-browser support for broad access, data visualization capabilities for unique insight, big additions to our Marketplace and enhanced social capabilities to keep you in touch with your network and customers.

I encourage you to learn more about our Q2 2012 Service Update in our Release Preview Guide.

I look forward to hearing from you as we roll this into the market in the next few months.

GM, Dynamics CRM

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