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Hello CRM Connection Community,

We are extremely excited to share our vision, product roadmap and product demos at Convergence 2012 in Houston. In the lead up to Convergence I wanted to call your attention to a terrific article written in Forbes by Craig Dewar titled “The Case for Loving Your Business Applications”. I love Craig’s comment about the feeling you get when playing Angry Birds versus navigating old software applications or dated green-screen applications. His point was should business applications be as fun as Angry Birds? I love that challenge to software developers and business application. People not only love games but they love to be empowered and utilize their own unique talents, experiences and skills. When they are enabled to unleash their potential they quickly grow very loyal to the application and the business sees results. Craig also states in the article “… we’re working to get people as engaged with their productivity applications as they are with the social media they voluntarily spend time with every day. The end goal is to create great software that really inspires people to be impassioned about their work.”

I also want to update everyone to a new video that we just landed on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM You Tube Channel called “What’s New in the Q2 2012 Service Update”. Think of this as the video version of the Release Preview Guide. It is a powerful representation of our next service update highlighted by cool demos that display the power of the release. Check it out Today!

Looking forward to seeing you at Convergence 2012 in Houston.

David Pennington
Director of CRM Product Marketing

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