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SMBs look to Microsoft for help in gaining more control, improving margins, and enabling growth

During the past few weeks, we’ve explored three of the four key dimensions that characterize a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as a business solution from Microsoft:

  • We’ve looked at simplicity as a set of capabilities that help remove barriers separating your people from the information and tools they need to be more productive.
  • We’ve talked about agility, the essential ingredient that helps ensure that your solution meets the special requirements of your industry or vertical, and accommodates your own company’s unique operating processes and rhythms.
  • Last week, we looked at the opportunities created when your business solution offers you a choice of flexible deployment options, including when, how, and how much, to use the cloud.

This week, we wrap up our blog series with a look at the final key dimension of a business solution from Microsoft: Microsoft itself.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP for SMBs
Hopefully, our comments in the blogs so far have encouraged you to think about the importance of simplicity, agility, and the cloud in your business today and tomorrow, and to appreciate the role these three dimensions play in shaping Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions from SMBs. The fourth dimension, Microsoft, draws the first three into a cohesive whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Reputation. Millions of SMB customers around the world trust Microsoft to deliver innovative, reliable, easy-to-use solutions. Consumers feel the same trust with respect to Microsoft products and technology they rely on in their personal lives. This trust has been earned by listening and consistently responding to customer needs in product design, capability, and ongoing customer care. As the boundary between personal and business technology continues to blur, the fact that Microsoft is a leader in both the SMB and consumer communities strengthens this trust. Choosing a business solution from Microsoft helps you navigate confidently through a changing landscape.

Innovation. Microsoft has achieved its position as the world’s largest software company in large part through consistent R&D investment, technology thought leadership, and active engagement with customer and partner communities. Our tradition of innovation is showcased at partner and user conferences worldwide, and through regular product updates and detailed product/technology roadmaps that help customers and partners manage their own technology plans with confidence.

Vision. The Microsoft vision is all about “democratizing” technology to help people and businesses make the most of their potential. The realization of this vision shows clearly in the ease of use of our business solutions, and their ability to work like and with other familiar Microsoft products that are built for the business and consumer communities.

Our vision also energizes our robust global ecosystem of partners. This global network of local industry/technology specialists stands ready to help SMBs implement business solutions that meet the particular requirements of their industries or vertical and the unique characteristics of their individual companies.

At the end of the day, a business solution from Microsoft benefits from all the strengths of our organization, our partner ecosystem, and the breadth of our product portfolio. The net result? Our reputation, track record of innovation, and vision combine to offer SMBs enduring value.

Get started now
This is a great time to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for SMBs—in particular Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, which will be released later this year. Like all business solutions from Microsoft, these releases offer SMBs simplicity, agility, and the freedom to use the cloud in ways that best suit them. And both offer the assurance of value that comes from our reputation, tradition of innovation, and vision. Learn more here.

We hope this blog series has been useful to you. Look for a new series starting soon on The Edge sharing top reasons to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution for SMBs.

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