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Working in marketing on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team means I get to work with a lot of amazing and unique customers and find out ways that they are benefitting from using our solutions. I have the great fortune of learning about these companies so I can share their stories with the world. When my job gets a bit stressful, I simply remind myself-it isn’t life and death, it is just marketing.  But that wasn’t exactly the case when I found out that one of our customers had received recognition from both Nucleus Research, winning their 2012 ROI Award as well as from Microsoft, winning the 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Transformation Award).  This is the story of Specialists On Call (SOC).

Their story is not unlike many companies who face massive challenges organizing their company around customer data. They didn’t want their business or workgroups to function in silos. As the organization grew they wanted to provide sales people, the call center and the consulting specialists a common system that would be reliable, flexible and scalable. What is different, is what is at stake.

SOC’s business is literally to save lives. They connect hospitals and emergency room physicians with neurology consultants and specialists enabling them to have a greater impact in the critical windows of time when patients can have the most positive outcomes. This crucial service requires the right knowledge at the right time… Picture this-a patient arrives at an emergency room in a rural hospital, when the local team realizes the need for a neurospecialist, SOC receives a call, its call center operators directly enter patient information into Dynamics CRM, which launches a workflow to identify the appropriate available specialist. When specialists begin their consultation, a countdown clock in the application, using standard time limits pre-established by SOC related to each condition, tells them how long they have to recommend a particular treatment based on a patient’s condition. When the consultation is completed, the application produces a time-stamped report that is automatically faxed to the on-site physician, producing a complete record of the care provided.  This means that vital medical procedures can be administered in time to save patient’s lives and deliver a positive outcome-this is a matter of life and death.

We’re quite proud that Specialists on Call has chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM to make their vision for saving lives a reality and helping to deliver this incredible service for their customers. And what’s even better, the ROI they have seen in their business is an amazing– 2417%! See for yourself here):

I encourage you to read more about their story here or you can hear directly from Specialists on Call here in a video.

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