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Buying a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a strategic investment for your business, so it's well worth your time to examine your options carefully before you act. If you've been viewing the "Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft" blog series, thanks for following along. If you are just joining, welcome and we hope you tune in next week as well.  Here is the recap of the featured topics we have and will continue to address over the next month, including links to the first three blog postings, and this week's featured content: A Business Solution from Microsoft Gets You Up and Running Quickly.

 Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft:

  • It's More Than Just ERP    
  • Helps You Work Better, Faster, and Smarter    
  • Looks Forward, Not Backward   
  • Gets You Up and Running Quickly
  • Works the Way You Do   
  • Transforms the Way You Work and Connect   
  • Drives and Supports Your Business Growth   
  • Provides a Flexible Deployment Model    
  • Reduces Your Risk and Propels Your Business

 Get Up and Running Quickly

To run your business in today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, you have to be able to quickly and easily deploy innovative technologies. Microsoft Dynamics features rapid implementation tools that make the solution fast and simple to deploy. These tools simplify the configuration of your ERP solution to meet your specific requirements, and offer best practices and other guidance to find the perfect setup for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics also combines comprehensive out-of-the-box financial and operations management capabilities with rapid, flexible deployment options designed to get you up and running quickly and affordably. With these tools, you can be working in days instead of weeks. You can speed time-to-value and get productive immediately. And Microsoft partners are there to help, with fixed-scope implementations that can help your business focus on what matters most to you now and easily modify or expand when your needs change in the future.

 Customer Story

Amalfi Semiconductor pioneered high-performance radio frequency (RF) semiconductors for the cellular handset market based on standard, low-cost, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Experiencing rapid growth from its success, the company needed more financial and manufacturing management capabilities than Intuit QuickBooks could provide. With an implementation that had it up and running in six weeks, the company has already saved U.S.$75,000 in duplicate vendor invoicing and has realized significant efficiencies.

"With reporting in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, we consolidate our financial statements in five minutes, a process that used to take us a day."      Joe Whitty, Controller, Amalfi Semiconductor

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