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Smart and successful businesses recognize the power of people and their ability to make a positive impact. To really activate these individuals to help drive business transformation, our customers are asking for solutions that enable their people to be better informed, forward looking, agile and provide immediate value so they can be positive change agents. 

In our work to design and deliver  the most modern and future ready portfolio of business applications and solutions to our customers, at Microsoft we are guided by the core principle of enabling every individual within any organization to fully contribute and be able to make a positive difference.  This is a cornerstone of our Dynamic Business vision. 

Today we launched an advertising campaign that will celebrate the individual inside every business, and the business transformation every one of them can fuel.  The campaign will highlight that people power the impact that gives the real competitive edge to any business that wants to succeed. 

The campaign is designed to speak to business leaders and decision makers who are looking to improve their business performance in a changing marketplace.  Inside every enterprise there are people with the energy and capabilities to power the growth and innovation of a company. Organizations will drive their business forward if they can empower their people to innovate and take risks while equipping them with the right tools to reach their full potential.

The campaign will spotlight the vitality hidden inside each person that is waiting to breakthrough with Microsoft Dynamics.  Whether you need to gain control of your business, manage your supply and demand channels, spark your sales teams to run smarter and in sync or strengthen relationships with your customers, Microsoft Dynamics delivers what businesses need.

The concept of the individual as a "change agent" will be a theme that runs throughout this advertising campaign.  This is the individual at any level of an organization who is always looking ahead, who has a vision of what could or should be, and is driven to turn that vision into reality. 

You can see that we are using a "name tag" to serve as a source of self-identification and pride for the wearer — it is a badge of their identity. We use the name tag as a way to reveal the true role the Change Agent is playing, or could play, within the company.   These people aren't just "Production Managers" or "Salespeople," they are "Supply Chain Wranglers,"  "Revenue Rainmakers" etc.  The name tag makes a bold statement about the subject's untapped potential and their role within the company when using Microsoft Dynamics.   

The campaign will introduce this concept and subsequent ads will use real customers that are workplace stars. These talented and enterprising individuals are redefining their roles within their organizations, becoming powerful change agents and moving their business forward with Microsoft Dynamics. We encourage you to visit  our website to find out more about the campaign as well as all of our business solutions.   

Posted by Marie Huwe
General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

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