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Written by: Eve Enslow


Mobility is Rapidly Emerging as the Key Differentiator for Customer Experience

At the Microsoft Enterprise and Partner Group, we’re focused on delivering software and services to Microsoft’s largest customers. And from talking to these customers, it’s clear that we are on the cusp of a new era that will redefine the ways people—both your customers and your employees—engage with your company and your brand. Being aware of these trends and of how you can deliver on the new experiences will help your organization continue to thrive.

The new era is being ushered in by a few recent megatrends: social media, ubiquity of mobile devices, and migration to the cloud are all top of mind for enterprise executives. It’s the last two that have the potential to shape the experiences of your customers and your employees.

In particular, we encourage our enterprise customers to think very hard about mobility. Always-on, device-independent, multi-channel, anytime-anywhere access to business information and transactional capabilities is rapidly becoming the key differentiator for both customer and user experience. And because the cloud is the enabling technology behind the modern app experience, these two trends reinforce each other, driving a continued adoption of both that is fundamentally reshaping the way businesses think about technology.

Let’s look at how mobile solutions can empower people—customers and employees alike—and transform your business.

No one will argue that providing an outstanding customer experience can radically increase customer engagement—and increase competitive advantage. But today’s consumers can be very demanding. People have come to expect continuous service no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Success depends on understanding how your customers want to connect with you, whether it’s omni-channel retail that lets shoppers slip seamlessly from e-commerce to brick and mortar; online banking from any device; or self-service support and scheduling. An end-to-end mobile strategy that embraces the full range of behaviors and preferences will put your business ahead of the curve.

Similarly, investing in mobile capabilities for your own employees can make your entire organization more responsive and productive. In many respects, your employees have the same expectations as your customers: they have the same desire to remain connected and to accomplish their tasks where and when they choose, on the phone, tablet, or computer they prefer. Today’s dynamic business encompasses deskless workers, mobile and remote teams, immediate response, and 24-7 customer service. Embracing these new ways of working by delivering a truly mobile work experience empowers your people to collaborate across time zones and geographies, to stay productive even away from the office, and to engage with your business and your customers in new ways.

As the wave of consumer adoption of new mobile technologies continues to swell, businesses have the opportunity to capitalize. In next 12-24 months, forward-thinking organizations can differentiate themselves from competition based on how they deliver a mobile experience to their customers and their employees. And Microsoft is here to help.


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