When is ERP "More than ERP,” and Why Does that Matter to Your Business?

Most businesses think of an ERP solution as software to help balance the books, manage inventory, create a budget—all the things you would expect an ERP software package to do. And there are a lot of solutions out there that can help.

But when it’s within your reach—and your budget—to get a solution that offers real change for your business, setting you up for growth and higher profits, it’s worth a closer look.

Here are four important factors to consider when you’re looking for an ERP solution:

Mobility. Organizations large and small are becoming more mobile, in part to drive down costs. By 2013, 1.2 billion workers will be mobile—that’s 1/3 of the overall workforce. And by 2014, 50% of devices used to access business solutions are expected to be smartphones. Will the solution you’re considering accommodate mobile workers?

IT Costs.  Today 84% of organizations have a remote workforce. But on average 85% of datacenter capacity is idle, and 70% of IT budgets are spent maintaining datacenter operations. Are inefficiencies like these costing your company?

Access. Businesses need to think about how people can interact with their solutions. Employees struggle when they can’t collaborate with people who don’t have full access to important data. Can people outside the solution or organization be given web and mobile access to specific reports, charts, graphs, and KPIs? Is the data real-time?

Simplicity. In an ideal world workers can use laptops, phones, tablets—all their preferred devices—with a common experience, to make them all easier to use. Talk to your sales people. Or your supply chain managers. Are they getting what they need this easily?

Don’t sell your business short when you’re looking for an ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers simplicity, agility, and lower overall IT infrastructure costs—and the benefit of a large and active Microsoft Dynamics community.

For more information on what to look for an in ERP solution view the on-demand webcast, “
Business Solutions from Microsoft: It’s more than just Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).”