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Written by: David Pennington

People can love their work. Really.

Remember when your job was more than just a lot of work?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. In fact, it’s the driving question behind a new vision for business applications that opens possibilities, stimulates the imagination, and takes the grind out of work.

We all know what it is like to really love technology in our personal lives: we have our favorite apps, devices we can’t live without, technology that connects us to our family and friends, and tools that help us do the things we need to do. Why should work be any different?

If you compare the advances in enterprise business solutions to the technology changes we have seen over the last few years in personal computing, you’ll see what I mean. To say that the business world isn’t keeping up is an understatement. People who are passionate about technology are starting to wonder: Why is the chasm between what we can use in our personal life and what is available for work so vast?

This passion for technology is starting to surface in what employees expect from the tools they use at work. Employees are starting to expect—even demand—more from the technology they are given on the job. We see candidates basing employment decisions on the technology in place at their prospective employers. The next generation of workers wants to know: Do you embrace social technology? Can I bring my own device to work? Will I be able to collaborate effectively with my teammates? Will the tools I am given contribute to my success? In the new world of work, these are valid questions.

It’s possible we’ve been approaching business applications from the wrong direction. In the enterprise, traditionally the focus has been on creating business applications to be “systems of record”—built to rigidly control business processes in an attempt to make sure the company was ready for an audit.  At Microsoft we realize that the people who use the applications matter most and that is why we have always prioritized the experience of using our application. These applications must deliver value to the organization, without creating more work for the people who use them. At Microsoft Dynamics, we’re reimagining business applications to meet the expectations people have today. By transforming the user experience, we’re transforming people’s work experience. We’re committed to providing tools that let people do their best work and feel as though they have exactly what they need to be rock stars every day in whatever they do. Creative. Impassioned. Able to succeed.

In our vision for the new world of work, work looks a lot more like life. You can easily accomplish what you need, work closely with others and move through the world and across devices without constraints. And you can enjoy it while you do it. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the some of the enhancements we’ve made to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you’re passionate about technology, I think you’ll be as excited as we are about the Flow UX, integration with Yammer and Skype, and support for mobile devices such as phones, and tablets like Surface and iPad.

Can people fall in love with their business applications? We believe they can and they should. And that’s what we’re building. Not just applications that people use, but applications people love.

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