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“Our setup time is down from more than a week to only a few hours using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV”

RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV has helped Microsoft partner, Abakion, deploy their Purchase Order Management solution much faster. A standard setup used to take them over a week. With RapidStart Services, implementation time is only a few hours.

RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV was introduced in response to customer demand for faster implementation. Customers want to hear that it’s easy to convert data, so their transition to their  new ERP system will be smooth,” says Claus Lundstrøm, Senior Product Manager at Abakion.

What’s the big idea?

The idea behind RapidStart Services was to enable companies to complete a setup with minimal training and to use ready-to-use data templates. This shortens the implementation time and allows  customers to focus on their business, rather than getting caught up in a time-consuming system switch.

RapidStart Services, an integrated part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, comes with standardized Configuration Packages and Questionnaires that make the Whole process faster. It also provides customers with a project overview and the ability to automate importing data from their old system using Master Data Import.

Data import is no longer a hassle

Abakion started using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to shorten their setup process and respond to the competitive situation.

“We learned how to use it quickly, and it has decreased our implementation time dramatically. Our Purchase Order Management add-on is now installed and configured at a customer site in only a few hours,” says Lundstrøm.

Abakion now uses Master Data Import to configure and set up their solution. Not only is the data imported, but all the details are taken care of as well. The company-specific imported data includes both user access rights and roles to determine what users have access to according to the role assigned to them.

“If the data could not be imported with RapidStart, it would take at least a week to setup manually,” Lundstrøm says.

Configuration templates save a lot of time

Companies can use out-of-the-box Configuration Packages in RapidStart Services in order to save time. This makes it fast and easy to configure generic data, such as currency codes, posting groups, VAT templates, chart of accounts, payment terms, and countries.

Existing Configuration Packages can always be extended later on, if needed. Companies can also choose to import their own customized Configuration Packages using Master Data Import.

Abakion used their own customized text templates and specific text for multiple languages, importing 30 different text templates in multiple languages.

About Abakion’s Purchase Order Management solution

Abakion’s Purchase Order Management is an add-on solution built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which allows for control over the changes in purchase orders within the environment of a portal hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Once the quotes/orders are created by the purchaser, they are then available in the portal, where vendors can update the information about a quote/order.

“Then, via the portal, the vendor can inform the purchaser if he can deliver on time. If he can only partially deliver, he can make changes to the order or quote,” says Lundstrøm,

The purchaser is automatically informed about all changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can take necessary actions by looking at the overview of outstanding quotes and orders.


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