Thinking Maps streamlines everyday work to boost customer service with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

This week’s Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 release was a historical event for Microsoft, our Partners and Customers alike.

The solution delivers a host of new features and powerful capabilities, a simpler, more intuitive user experience, and deeper interoperability with the productivity tools SMBs use every day, such as Microsoft Office 365.

All pretty exciting stuff. But the real fun starts when we begin to see these capabilities translate into real customer value—when a company can pick up the solution and do something that matters.

This has been the case with the Cary, North Carolina–based company, Thinking Maps. A thriving small business that provides visual learning solutions, and relies on a lean back-office of only seven employees to keep the business moving. That means everyone wears multiple hats, and no one knows this better than Jonathan McCarron, who when asked his job title simply replies: “Accounting and customer service.”

McCarron’s is a job description that many small business employees can relate to – and he has found the new enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to be a great benefit for his multiple roles. “With the time I save every day on reporting as well as on simply printing things like invoices,” he says, “I can go right to answering the phones.”

McCarron points to the simple, intuitive, user interface of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 as a major factor, saying “If you are going to sit at a computer for eight hours a day and spend most of that time in one program, that program needs to be aesthetically pleasing, not utilitarian. Having something that is easy on the eyes can make a big difference both physically and mentally, and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 certainly provides that.”

McCarron notes that it’s the small things that often make the biggest difference. And, to this end, he now takes a not-so-secret delight in the ability to manage the many windows of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 separately. This has enabled him, for example, to place a customer record in the system side by side with an email to that same customer, thus eliminating application switching. And because most peoples’ jobs require that they use more than one application at a time, the ability to put windows side by side is, in reality, no small thing.

Thinking Maps’ early experiences and initial success with the new release is just one example of how Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is helping small and midsize companies work better. And surely, the many enhancements in the solution’s latest release will spell many more successes both small and big, expected and unexpected, for SMBs worldwide.

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Ross Thorpe

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Product Marketing