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When thousands of Danes vote for their contestants on reality shows or buy bus tickets using their mobile phones, Unwire applications keep track of the huge amounts of data generated and process payments on behalf of the broadcasters and telecom operators. Because Unwire not only receives money from its customers but also collects payments on their behalf, the company manages complex debit and credit invoicing that require a sophisticated financial management system. When the company upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, it simplified invoicing, reconciliation, reporting, and other accounting processes, reducing time required to complete certain tasks by as much as four days and eliminating numerous manual processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides a central repository for business data, so people across the company have access to the same information, rather than relying on offline sources and local spreadsheets.

“It’s a striking improvement that we suddenly—without manual work—can access and analyze valid data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and see data from different views and in different dimensions. It makes it possible to deliver accurate reports to management about our different business areas quickly and easily.” Lotte Reith Hoffman, Financial Controller, Unwire. Read the full case study here.

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